Sharp 7.5 kg Twin-Tub Washing Machine ES-7525T


Sharp 7.5 kg Load Capacity Twin-Tub Top-Load Washing Machine


6,195.00 6,495.00

Sharp’s heavy-duty washers take a simple and streamlined approach when it comes to caring for your clothes.

With its simple, no-nonsense, and compact design, the Sharp Twin Tub Washing Machine ES-7525T is the undisputed favorite amongst Filipino families nationwide.

Rustproof   RD TB 2017


  • 7.5 kg Twin Tub Washing Machine
  • 15 Minutes Wash Timer / 5 Minutes Spin Timer
  • Unique Cylindrical Tub
  • Megamouth
  • Bigger Pulsator
  • Rat-Proof Base
  • Strong Wash Action
  • High Blade Pulsator
  • Lint Filter
  • Bearing Holder Drive System
  • Rust and Dent Free

Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Service

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Washing Machine Size

7.5 kg

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